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The Marketplace for merchant sales

Buy and sell to dealers with Autolity, a tool designed by and for automotive professionals.
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The French platform that unites European merchants

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Why Autolity ?

With Autolity, turn your merchant sales into a business force. Because diversifying your revenues is not just a business opportunity, but a necessity, autolity is here to help you.
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Buy your merchant vehicles simply and confidently with Autolity and its reservation order system
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Make merchant sales a strength for your business by diversifying your income.
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Source your vehicles faster and in the best conditions, thanks to the many filters on the platform.
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Custom Search

Customized response to your customers' personalized search requests via our integrated form.
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Automate stock availability and administrative procedures by centralizing documents
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Buyer option

With the "Buyer" option, become a specialist in buying vehicles from dealers.
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Optimizing inventory

Take control of your inventory

Autolity is a tool dedicated to the trade of premium vehicles between dealers across Europe.‍

Thanks to the Autolity Exchange, buy and sell at the best conditions

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Save time

Stop wasting time on your merchant sales

Buy without wasting time, the ads provide all the information you need. Make an offer in just a few clicks and Autolity's teams will take care of the rest.

The Marketplace for auto professionals

A tool for automotive professionals

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Control your margins and adopt the ideal tool for your merchant purchases and sales. Don't suffer from market fluctuations.

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Control your cash flow by covering your inventory and choosing when and under what conditions to sell.

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Buy and sell in just a few clicks, and Autolity's teams will take care of the rest.

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Increase your stock turnover with secure merchant sales.

New: Gateway between your VO Software and Autolity.

Optimize your merchant sales with our Gateway: fast, efficient and designed with you in mind!

Let Autolity Manage Your Merchant Sales

With the Autolity-DMS gateway connection, let Autolity simplify and efficiently manage your merchant sales, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Why is merchandising essential?

Merchandising is essential for maximizing profits, optimizing inventory management and responding quickly to market demand. It's essential for good cash flow.

Why do you need Autolity?

Autolity, thanks to its expertise and advanced technologies, facilitates and accelerates your merchant sales, providing you with constant support and tailor-made solutions.
No effort, let Autolity manage your merchant sales activity.

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