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The marketplace specialised in B2B

Buy and sell to other businesses with Autolity, a tool made by and for car professionnals.
Autolity, specialist in B2B for car dealership around Europe

The French platform which links car dealers around Europe.

100% Free

Over 15 000

Consulting team
in France

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New: A gateway between your software for second-hand goods and Autolity

Optimise your B2B using our gateway: quick, safe, and exclusively for you!

Let Autolity handle your B2B

Thanks to its Gateway Autolity-DMS, Autolity manages your B2B in a very simplified and efficient way, which allows you to focus on your main activities.

Why is the B2B essential ?

The B2B is necessary:
- in order to maximise your profits.                                                   - in order to optimise the management of your stocks                   - in order to react switfly and accordingly to the market’s demands
It is absolutely essential, in order to ensure a smooth and healthy cash flow.

Why should you use Autolity ?

Through its expertise and its advanced technology, Autolity facilitates and speeds up your B2B, providing constant support and custom-made solutions. No effort nor stress needed. Let Autolity take care of your B2B activity.

Optimise your stocks

Have full control over your stocks

Autolity is a tool deisgned  for the motor trade between dealers around Europe.
Thanks to Autolity’s exchange pool, buy and sell unter the best conditions.

Receive and makes Offers on the Exchange Pool.

Gain time

Don’t waste time on your B2B anymore

Buy, without wasting any time. Our ads regroup all the necessary information. Make an offer with just a few clicks, and the Autolity team will handle the rest.

All compatible DMS

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The Marketplace for car experts.

The tool at the disposal of car experts

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Control your margins and get a hold of the perfect tool for your B2B. Always be one step ahead of the market fluctuations.

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Control your Cashflow: cover your stocks and decide, when and under which conditions you want to sell.

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Buy and sell within a few clicks and the Autolity Team will take care of all the procedures.

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Increase your stock rotation thanks to a safe B2B.